Big Men of League


Big Men of League

Big Sam Kasiano is nearing 140kg; his bash brother Frank Pritchard is only a few kilos shy; big Fuifui whose hair alone would weigh that of a small child; then you have the Burgess Brothers.

Watching the Dragons v Gold Coast recently I couldn’t help but think of these big boys of League and the roles their mothers have played in their successes. Our Women in League probably prompted me to recognise the women who have raised these big young boys into REALLY big men.

Can you imagine the food bill at the Burgess or Sims residence? Sam, Luke, George and Thomas Burgess; Ashton, Korbin and Tariq Sims – they don’t come much bigger than that and it doesn’t appear they haven’t missed too many meals. Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Sims take a bow just on the strength of feeding these guys for all these years.

And this is just two of a countless number of Mothers who have worked tirelessly to support, feed and finance not only NRL players, but all players, big and small, across all codes.

We often recognise the players and their rise to the top of sporting stardom, but seldom do we acknowledge those behind the scenes who helped them get there. The countless training sessions, equipment, registrations, travel costs…food!

It is great to see the NRL taking the step to acknowledge Women in League and it is a fitting tribute to those who are working in the sheds, in the offices, on the field and evening donning the boots and having a run.

The recent appointment of Raelene Castle as CEO of the mighty Bulldogs is a further boost for our game and the many capable women involved. The growing numbers of women in footy can really help our sport in so many ways.