It’s a Knockout!


Source: Daily Telegraph
Source: Daily Telegraph

It’s a Knockout 

by Smithy

From very early on the writing was on the wall. The letters just turned into CAPITALS kept getting LARGER and LARGER.

Roosters mental state was not altered by the media involvement for the previous week. Neither the super coach morphing into media darling to relax his team of “wonderful young men” nor the allegations and pursuant game of join the dots rattled the minor premiers. Congrats to Trent Robinson and all who contributed to the preparation so that the contest was determined on the field and the attempted mind games played no part.

The absolute power and speed of the tri-colours won almost every play the ball. Jake Friend gorged himself on the metres to be made and space and time to skilfully pull the middle defenders of Newcastle to bits. Mitchell Pearce soon recognised there was a party going on and he too “ripped the A’s and markers a new one”.

The spirit and noise from those dedicated Novacastrian footy lovers inspired their guys to incredible efforts in scrambling defence. These passionate people have lifted great teams sporting those colours so many times before. They could feel it as we all could. Play after play of Rooster players dominating their opponents.

But it had to give and did, eventually.

The injury to Danny Buderus was a catastrophe for the veteran and the Knights. It seemed to worsen the “knightmare” that began soon after kick off and worsen as the medi-cart left the arena. The dreams of a fairytale were over.

If it had been a boxing event the corner would have considered two options. Did his charge have a weapon, something, anything, to throw at halting the battering to reverse it all? If he thought not he may have put one hand on that towel as the demolition job continued after half time.

In fact until Jarrod Mullen decided to execute some great footy plays with a little bit of speculation and a large dose of skill it looked like the Knights might never score!

Strangely it wasn’t until the fight was over and the scorecard saying so emphatically, before Jarrod Mullen produced the fantastic kicks – those that produce tries and not the benign repeat sets or field position. I couldn’t help but wonder “what if” that attitude at the games beginning might have offered something to rattle the raging Roosters.

Instead, with hindsight, it looked the Knights had been fooled by recent strong armed performances that had led them to this unlikely position in the last 4.

Boy, were they dealt with; the would-be experienced hard men, with bullies almost everywhere were bullied themselves and bashed. It was not for lack of trying on their behalf and they had arrived primed with all guns blazing. Sadly for them no-one told them the others would be in tanks!

The GF provides something familiar as the Roosters know they will face another group with “bully boys” toughness about them. But they will also know Manly will bring much more than that to the fight.

Refreshingly we have the two best “footballing” teams in the GF.