Just a kid but a real winner; More stat myths; Raiders win!


Just a kid but a real winner; More stat myths; Raiders win!

The belated winner for quote of the week Round 21 came with a withering burst in Big League. Interviewed by Nicholas Janzen, Raider front rower Dane Tilse reflected on the demolition job Melbourne did on him and his team with this little gem: “We were A BIT OFF OUR GAME”. To be fair the big fella did point out it was a record loss for the green machine. No-one would like to be there the day they are REALLY off their game!


Let’s see if the Raiders team runs out like the nominated lot for Saturday at the Roosters. An amazing show of faith by Coach Dave Furner! Among some others if Sandor Earl retains the right wing spot as Big League suggests he can count himself as very fortunate. What Melbourne did on his watch of that area last Sunday was carnage early on and continued any time they went there – again and again and again. I know he has plenty on his plate with ASADA matters at present but when he needed to solve more pressing defensive issues he came up completely empty.  Someone might have tipped him that if you continue to stand 15 to 20 metres behind your centre when the opposition runs the ball your way you need to get forward real quick not stand still and leave it to everyone else to solve. His head appeared to be elsewhere.


On a positive note for the Raiders I was totally impressed with Jack Wighton in the last few sets his team had in possession. He looked like a kid in pain trying to do anything and everything he could to make up for the shellacking his team had copped. He stood out like the proverbial …. Well you know!


More stat mythsthe team that makes the fewest errors wins.

Q Cup on Fox this week had a terrific match featuring premiers Wynnum Manly and Ipswich Jets. I didn’t count them myself but well into the 2nd half the ERROR count offered by the commentary was Wynnum 4 Jets 9.

Needless to say the Jets won the match playing some great attack – some of it reminiscent of Chris the brother of dual Jets coaches  Ben and Shane Walker. The Jets are now right in the race for the playoffs.

Maintain an attacking attitude – play what you see – back yourself – practice at speed and under fatigue. Respect errors but dont fear them!

It challenges you and your teammates – and it rips your opponents – it’s way more fun – it wins!