Let’s Get Physical


Copyright Renee McKay/Action Photographics
Copyright Renee McKay/Action Photographics

Short and Sweets August 27, 2013

 Let’s Get Physical

If you are feeling a bit low today for some reason, Roosters supporter perhaps, take a moment for Mr X.

Not for the first time this season his BONANZA tips have met with success again in round 24 but the last leg in the SUPER-MULTI fell again on Monday night.

Paying $7.50 all that was needed was Roosters by more than 6. Not a chance!

Last week his SUPER-MULTI BONANZA was paying $12 for same result.

Little fella is smarter than I thought by taking some combos with the big one.

Stick with it Mr X, the Sharks were 2 of their past 12 on Monday night footy before last night’s massive win.


As quite a few people have said playoff footy came early in round 24. Souths v Bulldogs, Raiders v Manly and Titans v Warriors were all very big results.

The Sharks gave the Roosters any early taste of the type of intensity some teams can generate at this time of year with a whirlwind first half of physical intensity. The big reversal after the huge 40 nil smacking the Sharks had sustained was definitely still in their minds.

Roosters beat a very under strength Cronulla that night, as the Roosters were in the re-match. Just to remind all, Roosters unavailable last night were Minichiello, Cordner, O’Donnell and Kennedy.

Not sure how many they get back on the park before this season is over, but I can’t wait for the re-match between these two teams who can certainly generate intensity plus.


The Sharks really rattled the Roosters in that opening period. I felt their dominance pushed their opponents into a real lack of composure. Sadly it reminded me of 2001 grand final when Newcastle did likewise to my Parramatta team.

When a team is so much on the back foot it is difficult for them to play their usual game and follow their plan. Penalties also creep in when trying to hold on or achieve some sort of dominance as it all did for the Roosters last night.

All credit to the Sharks. If they can repeat that again in the big matches they will give themselves a real shot at the premiership.

This was a whole of team performance that will inspire them to greater deeds. From Todd Carney’s spot on 40/20 kick in the opening set til the half time hooter it was a blitz.

The Shire on Fire!

Let’s hope the off-field matters don’t rear their ugly heads before the season is over like it has done to Essendon and AFL.


Another reminder from last night’s match was how little we know about young players until they have been subjected to this sort of pressure. Every youngster has to face these days and nights to really be an NRL player. Its only in matches like these where they don’t get to do what they are very good at but plenty of what they aren’t that character is revealed and their futures are questioned and opportunities to react are many. Everyone in the footy club is looking to see what they do next – work hard to improve or fold?

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, for example, has had the opportunity to show his magnificent footwork skills and attacking talents over much of this season when the Roosters have dominated many teams. And to be fair to him he has hardly had any opportunity at fullback to practice and correct those special skills throughout 2013 until Captain Mini went down a couple of weeks back. RTS is really a novice at fullback play in NRL footy but everyone has got to start somewhere.

His positional play and awareness and anticipation early in the match in particular put his team under more pressure.

The response in the game is always a test. Good news, but unsurprising, was the way he kept at it. That bit of footwork to bamboozle Todd Carney was something else and something for us all to look forward to as Benji leaves our game and RTS develops his own outstanding talents.

I also thought he and the Roosters were very unlucky on the NO TRY ruling from SBW’s delightful pass. One of all the tremendous passes SBW found in trying to stimulate his team mates.


That lack of composure, and perhaps opportunity for the Roosters to find their rhythm was evident in the absence of what I thought was going to be a telling point in the match. SBW was lined up on the left side attack, obviously I would have thought, to do his thing around Todd C on Sharks right side D. It rarely happened.

Maybe next time?


This was the type of match that Mitchell Pearce needs to show that he can “think” his way through the pressure and back foot situations to resurrect his team from a losing position.

Obviously that didn’t happen but there was plenty about the Roosters 2nd half to be pleased with.

The Roosters have been on the front foot so often that this loss and the way it was inflicted on them is a great opportunity to not get ambushed in those big playoffs coming up.