Mr X and (his) Eels?


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Looking back at Round 17

Well we nearly got all the lollies and chocolates last weekend which was fantastic.

The two “good things”, Sharks and Rabbitohs, came good as expected although the Rabbits took a little longer to fulfill their end of the bargain. The $3.61 double was very handy indeed.

In relation to the full weekend 6 leg all-up, we only missed by the Bulldogs losing to the Knights and with the key team changes on Saturday many of those I know actually left that game out and profited handsomely.


I would also like to say that it was very upsetting and painful to watch the slaughter on Monday night at Brookvale. (Editor’s note Smithy thinks MR X has soft spot for the Blue and Golds!)

One thing really annoys me in football and it happens this time of year every season to at least 1 but sometimes 2 or 3 clubs. The playing roster just gives up on their season’s aspirations, just simply does not put in at all for a couple of weeks, get tipped upside down by 50 points for 2 or 3 weeks until the inbuilt footballer personal pride in performance comes out again. They re-group for the final few rounds and have a go again.

Or the coach gets sacked and they have to put in for the new coach to save their own bacon.

It is a yearly phenomenon that is very important when punting especially on points spreads and margins.

This week will again be difficult with the State of Origin players out of action but I’m sure we can find some value somewhere over the weekend.

Speak to you later in the week… Mr X