MR X Bonanza tips Rd 19


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WOW, what an Origin. NSW were only slightly off the pace to win that game and really the QLD side for all of their greatness did dodge a bullet a couple of times in the back-end of the second half. Well done to all involved again for showcasing our game, it was fantastic….

Now for Round 19.

I know you will all say,” I know that without looking at what Mr X says ” , but this is the way to get some value out of the 4 good things for this round.

Raiders, Roosters, Rabbitohs and Manly are all short and all should win however to multiply up to win is less than $2 which is not quite the value we are looking for.

What we do is “Pick our own line” of – 5.5 points of all 4 of those winners , meaning they all have to win by 1 converted try or more, not by 10, 14 or 18 points,  just one converted try only. Then multiply them up and it comes to $2.55 which is a fantastic 3 day investment.

Good luck and enjoy thinking of what you can spend the winnings on come Monday…..


Mr X


Editor’s note:  I think Mr X forgot to tell smithyspeaks followers that he got $1.90 Queensland off the bat.

I know he forgot to tell us before he got it and it slid to $1.35!