Mr X. Round 17


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Mr X, Round 17 and we have fine weather and the teams back to full strength.

Before I start on this week I just want to make mention of SBW’s game on Monday night and how exciting it is to watch someone of his size and speed utilise the ball skills he has , it is fantastic. The way he and John Sutton have played in the number 6 this year has the potential to revolutionise the body shape and expectation of that position for years to come and it is similar to the reintroduction of the ball playing second rower of the past AKA Gavin Miller and the like and I for one find it very exciting.

I don’t know if it is a trap round again but other than the Roosters away and maybe the Titans Vs Penrith game , it looks as though the home teams have a real advantage this weekend once again.

If you take out the Roosters game and the Titans game and all up the remaining 6 home teams it multiplies out to $7.06 and I reckon it is a ” Free throw at the stumps” for an interest all weekend.

My Best for the Weekend however are :-

Cronulla – 5.5 @ $1.90.

There is some real “I’ll show em” , about the tigers cast offs in the sharks side and combined with the obvious distraction of the ” Benji’s not happy drama”, the sharks will get over the top of the Tigers.

Rabbitohs – 9.5 @ $1.90.

The Warriors were extremely lucky to win against Brisbane last week with Scott Prince’s final pass just not delivered to the intended receiver and the Rabbitohs are just in the zone at the moment and have played in Perth previously. I think could possibly deliver a big scoreline here.

Those two multiplied together gives a return of $3.61 which to me = a very successful weekend.

Good Luck from Mr X.