Mr X. round 21 assessment


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Wow! What A weekend of topsy turvy results , and once again I have to hang my head as some of the results were not even close to predictions and in fact they were that far off it was almost embarrassing.

The big guns of Roosters and Manly held up their end of the bargain, covered the starts which gave us a little play money but the Warriors bubble burst. Although they came home with a wet sail the bird had flown.

Then the Faiders !!! Sorry Raiders. What a horrible result. Even Molly Meldrum wouldn’t have expected this scoreline and the exposure of the Canberra right wing in defence was bordering on total embarrassment by full-time. The Storm were back to the same clinical side we have watched for the past 6 years. Outstanding.

On Saturday night I had to check my calendar to see if it was 2013 or 1989 ? Once again the Rabbits look unbeatable in June, then with injuries and better form assessment by opposition coaches the results start to wane a little. It’s remarkable how history can repeat itself. The Dragons took a long time to get over this affliction as well and for the sake of a great finals series it is hoped the Rabbits bounce back strongly when they get their troops back on deck.

This week will be a good test to see where they are at as a club especially minus Sutton and Inglis, someone has to stand up.

Looking forward to the weekend as the games are really warming up.

I’ll be back with my predictions later in the week.

Mr X.