Mr X. Round 23


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I have found a week where I really think we can find some $$.

Most of my selections below probably pick themselves except with Hayne in and Hodges out I really do think Parramatta, although not anywhere near good things to win, do have a real shot at covering 14.5 start. (Editor’s note – remember I told you of Mr X’s soft spot for Parra).

My selections are as follows:

  • Parra at +14.5 start $1.92
  • Nth Qld by 7 or more $1.61
  • NZ by 13 or more $1.67
  • Melbourne Storm by 7 or more $1.90 & a Banker
  • Roosters by 13 or more  $1.22

Back them individually or any combination of 3 or 4 but if you couple up all 5 and we get the cash then the odds are $11.96.

YES $239.20 for your $20 investment, now that buys a few beers!

Good luck and enjoy the footy.

Mr X