Mr X’s round 19 apology


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Firstly can I start by saying I know we didn’t get the chocolates and this is not deflecting my responsibility at all but COACH SMITH showed obvious signs of lack of punting knowledge on Monday morning with the WORST EARLY CROW of all time.

I know Souths looked the goods and at 12-0 and 18-6 they looked even better to cover the 5.5 start but even then a seasoned punter knows you don;t crow surely…. But NO !!! Coach Smith goes and cruels us all by saying we only have to get the Rabbitohs home and guess what , the batteries ran out….

On a serious note however, although sad that my kids have had to live on bread and drippings this week, Monday nights game was the reason we all love this game of ours. A team that is showing desire and is committed can always knock off the team of reputation and superstars and even if it hurts the pocket , when it happens it makes me enjoy and appreciate our game more and more.

The other three of the good things did win as expected and the Roosters won that well that they have now shortened into competition favourites but I will say something here and please remember this when we get to the pointy end of this season.

Souths are definitely not the same without G Inglis and may have a little slump in form without him in the next 4 or 5 weeks, BUT , they are in that good a position on the ladder that even if they slip a little , they will get one of the best players in the game back fresh and ready to play finals footy just at the right time and the form they have been showing in the past month will miraculously reappear. SO , if you are a Souths fan or a shrewd punter and like to speculate on the premiership winner , the $4.00 or so that you can get for the Rabbitohs now is prime time to invest and after the next two weeks that price will just shorten and shorten, so if you are still holding strong , get on NOW !!!.

I’ll be back shortly with my thoughts for Round 20…