Short and Sweet – August 1


Short and Sweet - August 1

NRL CEO announced that the game’s commission is discussing a marquee player allowance to the salary cap. Sounds like what Ben Everill wrote about earlier this season.

“But when it comes to our biggest and best names I have always thought the NRL itself should be paying some wages. An elite player contract, above and beyond what the clubs pay could ensure the league stays pace with the big money offers from elsewhere. Make it 16 players, one from each club and give them a million with a certain proportion put aside for long service. Maybe 600K for the year they are the marquee player, 200K released in three years time and 200K released after six years. For this they will be used by the NRL in marketing campaigns and the like and help drive the sport to new heights. By limiting it to one every club you also potentially help the game disperse these elite guys over all clubs. Maybe Billy Slater wants to be the million dollar man but Cameron Smith has it locked up at Melbourne so he considers a move to Canberra… you get the drift. They would then also get their usual contracts from the clubs, included in the cap”.

Here is ALL of Ben’s Cap discussion.