Short and Sweets August 16


Short and Sweets August 16

we aim to please – not always possible

We copped some stick in the comments section from some irate Dogs fans when we brought to everyone’s attention the likely movement of Ben Barba to Brisbane for season 2014. Our promise to you is we will NEVER toss something out there and pretend we KNOW it if we don’t. But we will tell you we are hearing this or that if we believe it has real legs!

As we did with Anthony Milford recently. Unresolved we understand and also feel for Raiders in such circumstances.


A couple of months back we started to ask some questions of the Benji Marshall situation within the Wests Tigers.

Wow, haven’t things hotted up since then.

Instead of very little being mentioned of his current form (nothing to do with his outstanding record on and off the field for many seasons at Tigers and for NZ) there has been much more discussion in many places involved in footy. The guys on Fox have been pretty balanced on the bits I have seen but certainly haven’t shied away from some facts and figures as well as opinion on Benji’s performances.

I am no devotee of the sports shows on channel Nine but I haven’t heard much still in commentary that reflects in any way his recent form. It just goes to show how many people in the game are compromised by doubling up their roles from one organisation to another. And those in the organisations become compromised in what they can then say about their fellow worker.

Benji’s videos direct to his fans, Tigers fans, Blues fans were all in poor taste also. Smacking of LeBron James, NBA star this stuff is so out of sync with Aussie and Kiwi sports fans I still can’t believe someone didn’t advise him differently.

Referring to self in third person only just around the corner?

Sad really.


I reckon both Mick Potter and Neil Henry can really be proud of the way they have conducted themselves in recent weeks. Not an easy thing to do UNDER PRESSURE. I will bet there is so much they could say but choose not to as it should be.

Unlike those who persist with the uncited quotes from anonymous sources of “problems with communication with his players”. This is “suck up” to players speak from journos looking for more inside info from gutless players and sometimes staff. Sadly it reflects on the many tremendous players and staff in all clubs who would never stoop to those depths.

And obviously it reflects on the journos as well.


The weirdest quote of the week goes to James Tamou who has played way below his best all season for the Cowboys. In his tributes to his coach Neil Henry he also offered up that he felt the Cowboys playing roster should select their new coach, after all it was them who would have to play under him, or words to that effect. Seriously it would be hilarious if it wasn’t said seriously!


On reflection perhaps Ray Thompson should win that weirdest quote award for his expression of surprise that Neil Henry’s position was even being discussed. Now that’s living in the bubble.


I think most footy folk of the League variety know that Peter Fitzsimons of SMH and Rugby Union fame and glory, can find a way to have a pop at us from time to time. He can also crack me up with his wit and flowery language from time to time. If you missed it try this.

For the record he is also spot on with the biff versus discipline aspect, in my humble opinion.