Smithy’s preseason preview Storm


Smithy’s pre-season preview of STORM

MYTHS: Melbourne are a grinding, defensive, wrestle, rule-bending champs – well they are. But they are also full of tricks (all practised to razor-sharp execution) in both attack and defence. A team with many looks and capable of upping the ante to meet every opponent’s strengths and weaknesses

ROOKIE TO THE RESCUE: Jesse Bromwich (not a true rookie) is a real live monster in the making . Watch out for Kurt Mann, a versatile half/fullback from Queensland Country

WHAT CAN STOP THE TRAIN: Losing Cameron Smith. He is so good; he competes well every game and rarely looks tired. He is also smart enough to avoid serious injury but some things are non-preventable. The only other risk I could envisage is if someone in another club works out a way to negate Smith in either attack or defence or more importantly something to disrupt his leadership and direction of the juggernaut so the rest of the NRL latches on to it. Something I can spend plenty of time on this relaxing off- season for me!

WHY THEY CAN WIN IT (or have a great year): They still have great players in control positions and some good young players ready to step up to fill limited roles previously covered by likes of the much loved but departed Quinn, Lowrie, Manu, Nielsen, Fa’aoso and  Kostjaysn

WHAT I REALLY LIKE ABOUT THEM: They figure stuff out during the course of every season to continuously find improvements and adjustments to lead or counter trends in the game

RATING: Strong chance for big things again