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Read this and figure the out real deal from NRL’s opening round.

Here are NRLSTATS break down of the type of tackles made and the speed of the play the balls by comparisons:

Av runs per game      one tackler only     3 or more tacklers   total tackles per team/game

RD 1 (2104)                         152.3                         4.6%                            16.3%                         305.1


RD 1 (2103)                        151.1                          4%                             15.9%                             298.2


Total season (2013)         157.2                      5.4%                          16.85%                            314.9


The numbers on play the ball speed per team per game compare like this:

Fast            Nuetral         Slow          Av play the balls   Av dummy half runs

2014                   13.2%            67.9%           18.8%                 128.4                        14.3

2103                    15.6%            69.5%           14.9%                132.6                         13.8

I listened to an ABC radio interview on my way home from Dragons win over the Tigers where John Cartwright sounded pretty calm and very wise when asked if he had made any changes to how the Titans might play after watching the other games.

He responded with a comment that suggested there is almost always a lot of hype in round one every season and it was hard to tell how much difference there was from past seasons in the play the ball speed. 

I agree with Coach Cartwright. Let’s see what happens next week and a few more after that.