Bulldogs Preview 2014


Bulldogs Preview 2014

I wrote this for season 2013 – It’s hard not to like their chances, with a couple of provisos. The real battle could be fought in the preparation and coaches rooms at Belmore.

Do they try to do what they did last season even better, or did they start to look for plan B during preseason to have something up their sleeves for refereeing issues and savvy opponents copying Storm intense defence from the GF?

Yeah well, they had a very different season to 2012. It was hard to tell in some areas whether it was lack of same personnel or that opponents found ways to stop that unique to NRL style of attack. Certainly it will be even more interesting to see if they pin their hopes on that attacking plan again. I haven’t seen or heard anything on their preseason so their big home opener at ANZ Stadium versus the Broncs will be a must see for me!

And I also wrote this - WHAT I REALLY LIKE ABOUT THEM:  The commitment to each other and that INCREDIBLE ENERGY level that they seemed to generate almost every week last season (2012).

We saw it but never quite the same and never quite as often.

.If this is the “Strongest Line-Up” according to Big League then I think we could be forgiven for thinking we picked up last season’s team list (or even 2012’s)

1 Perrett

2 Inu

3 Morris

4 Lafai

5 Brown

6 Reynolds

7 Hodkinson

8 Tolman

9 Ennis

10 Kasiano

11 Pritchard

12 Jackson

13 Eastwood

14 Finucane

15 Graham

16 Maitua

17 Williams

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October Outcome:

The improvement areas needed are doable and familiar. They did them so well in 2012. Using the same style may not be the way to get there as others understand how it works and how to stop it – or at least stop it more often.

They will be there in September I reckon but like 2013 I think we will know what their strengths and weaknesses are as a team by then. That will tell us if October is back in there calendar of events.


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A special thanks to NRLSTATS and BIG LEAGUE for their support and statistical data.