NRL Rd 3 BIG Friday Night Match Ups


NRL Rd 3 BIG Friday Night Match Ups

Round 3 The Big Match Ups – Friday Night

Tigers versus Rabbits :

  • at ANZ so no great advantages there
  • Souths played away last Friday (Loss to Manly) and Wests played away on Sunday on very hot day (Win over Gold coast)
  • Tigers get much needed confidence boost but Souths get a little wake up (that rd 1 victory over the Roosters counts for 2 points but nothing else now)
  • Tigers could be down on energy, depending on how well each guy has recovered where the Rabbits have had 7 days admittedly after very tough game.
  • Wests missing Sironen/Halatau/Moltzen/Lawrence Souths missing Tom Burgess/Clark/Keary
  • Fulton returns for Wests and McQueen for Souths.
  • Tedesco versus Inglis is a tremendous comparison of the greatness on display from a top of the pile performer versus a really talented youngster on his way.
  • Young halves with great potential. Reynolds methodical, efficient, composed, strong and physically tough. A tremendous rock for a club to build on. Brooks perhaps more blessed with range of attacking talents trying to improve his tackling, prove his toughness for this gradeand develop consistency.
  • #9’s who dominate. Farah who feels as captain and dummy half he can run the attacking plays and works hard without power or intimidation in defence. Luke who is learning how to develop greater range of attacking play for himself by looking after his team-mates needs first and more often. Also learning to make quality tackles and defend as a team member rather than make a thousand on his own.
  • Woods/Galloway/Taupau/Seumanufagai versus Burgess/Burgess/Burgess/Tyrell. Best of luck to Tigers quartet !


Summary: Any slight advantages in preparation got to Souths and it was already looking a tough ask for Wests. Interesting to see if the Tigers can sustain better quality tackling – last week they missed just 18 tackles v Titans while in round 1 they missed 66 yes that’s 99 upside down!! That’s nearly 4 each. Souths have lots of great ball carriers so it will take some doing.

Souths by plenty


Broncos v Roosters:

  • at Suncorp which won’t affect Roosters tremendous experience and away record but probably gives Broncos a little boost to be at home in front of big crowd.
  • Broncos had tough one last Friday night in home victory over Cows. Roosters had a tough 40 minutes at home v Eels Saturday night. No real advantages there.
  • More confidence in back to back wins for Broncos but no scoreboard or great on field dominance. Roosters blow out score reminds them what they are capable of but broncos D will be much tougher than Eels second forty.
  •  McGuire/Stagg/Kahu/Oates/Dodds and HODGES out injured. Roosters full deck minus SBW! Both squads stable and both missing one big gun.
  • Barba v Mini (and/or RTS?). Mini scored 3 through great support and RTS scored through flashing feet v Eels. BB is yet to get off the duck. He might need to score a motza this week.
  • Hunt v Pearce. Roosters #7 got his favourite hole runner back last week and found out Aubo can still do it. Too easy, so beware Broncos left edge D.
  •  Broncos middle D will need to be on guard also as MP has a habit of tearing through that middle for his own tries too.
  • Hunt will have his so far weak kicking game really tested by Roosters mayhem from marker on kick pressure.
  • Hargreaves will be praying Coach Robo hasn’t taken him off before Martin Kennedy comes on from the interchange bench.  Another ex-teammate for the Roosters bull to want to butt heads with. Hope MK saw what happened to Lussic if “you lose your rag”.
  • Broncos forwards have been working very hard in opening rounds so this will be great test for them versus a pack with POWER and PACE and SKILL (see JWH’s pre-line pass under pressure to Moa for a TRY).

Summary:  Roosters with good attitude could really stretch the Broncos for speed and that’s not just on the wings, I mean speed of thought as well as movement. I think some Roosters may have been distracted before Round 1, went in with the post-Wigan celebrations more on their minds and re-discovered what happens if you don’t respect opponents in NRL footy. Eels found out the hard way.

I think Roosters will be focussed this time and win well after a tough physical battle.