Rabbits Preview 2014 Analysis


Rabbits Preview 2014 Analysis

I wrote this for season 2013 – “You have to lose one first before you win a grand final. I reckon Souths not making 2012 grand final and losing it won’t stop them from winning it this time round”.

Sadly for those long suffering Rabbits fans this proved NOT to be the case or at least part of why they couldn’t win it in 2013.

And this on rating the team – Maybe not favourites but could be on grand final day. It will be interesting to see if they move to the Storm’s level of solving problems and inventing new ways so as not to be as predictable or reliant on the same ways of winning between now and September time”.

Sadly they didn’t get into this level of preparation or growth of the team’s capacity for big game situations.

And this – “losing Inglis might not stop this well-oiled machine but it could seriously affect their winning chances on the big-pressure days”.

While Inglis did play in those big end of season disappointments he was clearly not at his physical best. It was a definite negative and one not easy for the team to overcome. Doing well on the days Inglis doesn’t play this season is a must to ensure that the rest of the crew build confidence for any repeats of those 2013 losses without him (or at his peak).

If this is the strongest line-up according to Big League we can see Leary addition to the starting team at #6 and Sutton to lock! That looks like a strengthening of the team’s variety and possibilities for developing of the team attack:

1 Inglis

2 Merritt

3 Champion

4 Goodwin

5 Walker

6 Leary

7 Reynolds

8 Burgess G

9 Luke

10 Burgess S

11 McQueen

12 Te’o

13 Sutton ©

14 Tyrell

15 Burgess T

16 Lowe

17 Clark

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October Outcome:

Top four is almost certain for this disciplined group of physical monsters.

What more they can achieve will be how much more they are prepared for when the big games come around again. Can those adjustments outlined take them past the all-conquering Roosters, Eagles and Storm?

Souths will be a great case study for smithyspeaks.com.au coaching crew to highlight as the season unfolds.

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Every season in modern NRL at least one team grows to a higher level of performance making it a really dominant force.  Here are a couple of notable examples:

Roosters managed that in 2103.  Bulldogs did it 2012.

Will it be Souths in 2014?


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A special thanks to NRLSTATS and BIG LEAGUE for their support and statistical data.