What to really look for in the BIG GF


Source: NRL.com (AAP)
Source: NRL.com (AAP)

by Smithy

What to really look for in the BIG GF

  • If  SBW plays more minutes in the middle as a lock all bets are off for me!  All day in every way he is the standout player. As a right side second rower he can protect what has been the Achilles heel for Roosters D. That’s a real bonus in keeping them in the game.

But stuck on the right side only in attack minimises the real capacity of the BIG KIWI. When he has had the few opportunities to roam the field he has been ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. More time there at lock could win the roosters the game.

  • Will the big occasion and some clever baiting and intimidation by Eagles veterans cause a rush of blood to JWH’s head?

It’s a very big head on a very big body, capable of great damage to both the opposition and his teammates. An over the top reaction could see him penalised, sin-binned or even sent off.

Last week he took out one of the key opponents completely legally when Danny Buderus got caught where no-one would want to be.

There is more recent history for JWH and referees. His teammates will be hoping he controls himself extremely well so that they can all add a page to the great history of the foundation club.

  • Which team will chance its attacking arm first?

The grunt grind and grizzle is very tempting, take no risks hold  possession kick it long early and often. You know the routine and so does the opposition. Afraid to lose or afraid to win?

Or have a crack at them early on.

It could make the difference. Will the Roosters play as they have for much of the season, establishing physical dominance before expanding? Very unlikely as they every reason to think their winning formula  – defence first  –  is the winning way for them.

  •  Can Manly fashion a kicking game of short kicks between the Roosters brick wall and Minichiello? If the ball hits the ground on chips or if they use grubbers they could rattle the Roosters mentality as no other team has had a fair dinkum crack at it.
  • Will the incredible physical power and speed of the Roosters blow the Eagles away early doors? Or can Manly’s footy fitness sustain, hang in and dominate later in the match?

And the two BIGGEST questions of them all:

  • Can Manly avoid becoming road kill as Newcastle was last weekend, not given a chance as they were led into an ambush General Custer would have sussed out?  Maybe they choose to take the schoolyard bully approach as they have used themselves to great effect to beat the Roosters at their own tough guy game?

Or do they pick their moments to hit ‘em in D when it will hurt them most physically and then use their many varied attacking talents to unsettle the balance and mental strength of the Roosters?

Will the Roosters find a way to win even if Manly matches them in the physical stakes? And maybe even do it from behind on the scoreboard by working out a plan to fit the occasion?

My tip:

How can you tip against a team with so many talented individuals as Roosters and with that impressive Minor Premiership?

How can you tip against the gritty talent and incredible footy knowledge and combinations playing in their 3rd GF in six seasons!